Crunchy Casa Pantry List


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Here is a list of what I like to keep in my pantry.  In our casa, we eat about 95% organic-  I recommend you start with what you can, read labels and do the research, and just because something is organic-doesn't mean it's healthy!  I just saw Organic Rock Stars at the store this week- like really! 

I genuinely try to research brands and ingredients for every product that enters our home.  I also have lots of resources that I trust to provide me with correct information, regarding the food we buy- here are a few of my favorite. 
+ Cornucopia Institute
+ Organic Trade Association
+ EWG Food


If you have a large family, you may really have to work your grocery budget to include more organic and natural foods.  I prefer to spend money on quality food, and fresh organic produce- pay the farmer now, or pay the doctor later! 

That being said- I am always looking for ways to save- and these companies below, have saved us a ton!!


Crunchy vegan moms- close your eyes! 
However, if you have meat-eaters in your home, like me- I highly recommend Butcher Box! 
Seriously, some of the best meat we have ever tried- and it saves us so much mula!
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Do you have a favorite staple in your pantry?  What does your grocery budget look like?  I would love to hear from you!

xoxo Christina