Real Food Weekly Planner


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Always consult with your Doctor or nutritionist before changing your diet or exercise routine. 

Hey guys!  Just wanted to share a quick, easy and FREE planner with Y'all.  As of today, I have lost 27 lbs, about 5 lbs a month, just by eating real food.  Since moving to Oregon, we have found that eating a real food diet has been easier than ever.  We can drive down the road and grab produce from a local farm, shop organic food markets, and hit up the Saturday market, for just about anything our hearts' desire!  But, if you aren't in an area like this, there are lot's of options online too!  Butcher Box offers delicious grass-fed and organic meats, Thrive Market has lot's of organic and natural choices, and Full Circle offers organic produce delivery- straight to your door!  Check out Facebook for local food co-ops or basket programs too.  

We stopped eating all that processed junk- even organic junk!  Yes, just because something is organic, doesn't mean it hasn't been processed.  Eating real food doesn't have to be hard, there are tons of recipes and tips all over the web, and I have included some of my favorite resources in this planner.  I find it easier to stick to, if we meal prep, and make things in bulk.  You can always double or triple the recipes and store them accordingly.  Plus, all of these recipes have been kid tested, and they totally approve!  


Now that things are finally warming up, and the rain has somewhat stopped, I can't wait to get outside and go hiking, and see some of the trails, and even just do laps at our local high-school.  This cute work out planner is also included in this printable set!  I like using planners to keep me accountable, and also to set up work out days and challenges with friends. 

I still really love this plank challenge and try to do it every morning.  My guy is consistent with it, and he has lost nearly 40 lbs! He looks super lean now and is starting to get his 6 pack back.  Must be nice ;)  On rainy days, I like to do yoga, and Boho Beautiful is one of my favorite channels.  Their videos are perfect if you are just starting out, and I just kinda dig their vibe.  

This Real Food Planner has 20 recipes, and and a weekly menu for you to get started. I also included my favorite resources and shopping links.  Grab it below, and also check out our FREE Smoothie Detox Plan! 

5 day smoothie plan.jpg

Hope you guys like this Real Food Meal Planner!  Here's to eating real food, and living our best lives! 

What is your favorite real food recipe?  I would love to hear from you.