Blog Babes with Killer Resources


You know you want to start a blog, so you do what most people do, start scouring the web for the best info you can find.  I found myself up all night saving sites to go back to for different topics.  But very soon, I realized that it was becoming overwhelming!  I then decided to only focus on a few, bad ass bosses, and start taking action-not just notes.  Before I knew it, I had an arsenal of solid information from a handful of reliable sources.  Their insane brain knowledge, kept me focused, motivated and empowered.   So seriously guys, if you are ready to get down to business, these boss babes can take you to the next level!  

  •  Femtrepeneur is killer!  No b.s. just straight up valuable information.  She truly tells it how it is, and gets you motivated to start creating a passive income. 
  •  Megan MInnz video training is truly the ultimate Squarespace guide.  She also has killer templates that can get you going in hours instead of weeks. 
  • byRegina is probably my favorite on this list.  Her approach is completely different from anyone  else.  She really gets you thinking about your niche and goals in a new way.  There are a couple free courses, and even better paid ones.  I completed her Publish Your Thing course, and it was the most in-depth course I have seen, especially for FREE!  This could have easily been several hundred $'s  Her Facebook group is craaazy good too, just tons of humans helping one another.  
  • Kate Danielle sends out a weekly stock photo kit, that is super cute.  She also has several CANVA templates and even a FREE introductory to CANVA course.
  • Lauren at Elle & Company has a passion for helping creatives design, launch, and grow their businesses.  She's got courses, online workshops and a library stocked with information.  She also offers one on one coaching and branding design. 
  • Persuasion Nation is another fave!  You will find articles on creating content, driving traffic and monetizing your blog.  She also has some really cool, extensive courses, as well as podcasts!  

All of these amazing ladies have so much knowledge to share.  Check them out, and get to it!  You totally got this!  Be sure to check out our post on CANVA, to get started creating graphics for your online business. 

Have you found a boss babe that has insane content?!  Please, do share.

xoxo Christina