Kids Party + I Heart Emoji's!


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Yo!  Just wanted to share this cute and easy emoji party with you today.  I threw this together in just a day or two for a little cousin of ours, and she loved it!  Emoji's are still everywhere, and most kids would love this theme.  If you are short on time, this is super easy to pull off.  You could go bigger with candy dishes, confetti and balloons for a complete look! 

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I knew right away that red heart cookies would make the perfect thank you treat.  Every bakery should have this shape, so it's easy to get your order in.  These are from a small town bakery in NM.  A simple tag with coordinating ribbon, top these off.  
A bright yellow table cover is the backdrop for white cake stands.  By the way, if you are a thrift store girl like me, never pass up a good cake stand.  They can be easily made over, and used again and again! 


Oooh!  Can we just look at this cake!  I just love it, it's so simple and perfect!  I called up my baker and asked her for a smash cake, emoji theme, and here ya, it was only $15!  I opted for a black cake stand here, atop a red paper- wrapped box.  LOVE!


Check out the chocolate "poop" emoji cupcakes!  Bake up some chocolate cupcakes, swirl on (no pun intended!) the chocolate frosting, and pop on 2 eyes.  Done and done.  I borrowed the 2 pillows from my girl, and I wrapped a few water bottles with matching wraps.  This was just a little family party, that was shared with my son, so we didn't need a lot of food and drinks.  If you do need more desserts, this table would be so cute with black and white cookies, and a strawberry and pinneapple tray. 


Ok, so for the backdrop I literally pulled out a white poster board and made stripes with crepe paper.  I had this stuff in my party closet, but you can find it at any $ store. 
I draped a printable banner across the backdrop, and added centerpiece picks in two yellow vases. 
This little party cost less than $25!


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