Eco-Friendly Easter Baskets


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Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays.  I remember being little, and my grandma would take me to pick out a new dress each year.  I loved the pastel ones, with lace and I always had to have a matching hat

Now that I have kids, I get them coordinating outfits, and DIY their baskets every Easter.  I used to save all the holidays for a day that they could eat almost anything they wanted.  Real talk- it can be hard to keep your kids from eating junk!  Especially if A- they didn't start out eating only healthy foods, and B. if they are surrounded by it at holiday parties, and even at school.  My oldest two will definitely go for a candy bar, Taki's and a DP, practically anytime -ugh...Taki's!!  Kids love those damn things!  But they also know that those are terrible options, and they can always choose better.  With each holiday, I am finding new ways to give clean treats, use less waste, and make my own printables, for a perfect eco-friendly holiday.  Today, I wanted to share some ideas on creating a more eco-friendly Easter basket for your little one!  


Instead of hitting up the "death aisle" at the supermarket and drug store, check your local farmers market or health grocer for green candy and treats.  The "death aisle" is filled with brightly colored JUNK made with bleached and heavily processed flour,  GMO oils, artificial colors, nasty preservatives, GMO refined sugars, and pretty much the worst crap you can find.  You can also find natural holiday candy online!

Check out these better options for an Eco-Friendly Easter!

Eco-Eggs Coloring Kit

YumEarth Natural Gummy Bears

GoOrganic Organic Hard Candy


Simply Organic Natural Breath Mints

Eco Friendly Easter Eggs


Lanco Sweet Lamb

Llama Llama Easter Egg Book

Happy Easter Mouse Book

Check out these sweet finds from ETSY!


Drawstring Bunny Ears

These can be used year after year.  Instead of plastic eggs, fill these with jelly beans and small treats. 


Eco-Shred Easter Basket Filler

Love this shred!  I am tempted to buy a shredder to make my own, but these are priced well, and come in lots of cool colors!


Easter Egg Felt Tic Tac Toe

These are adorable little games for your kiddos basket!  I would much rather give these away, than a $1 plastic toy, full of toxins, that will break in a day. 


Hope you fill your Easter baskets with natural goodies, and Eco-friendly fillers.  How do you celebrate Easter in your casa?  I would love to hear from you!

xoxo Christina