Kids Party + Retro Superhero


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Hey guys!  This weekend was so much fun!  We celebrated our youngest sons birthday with a super cute, retro superhero party.  My baby boy turned four, but let's face it, even adults love superheroes, and this party could work for anybody.  Be sure to check out the FREE Printable too! 

Baby Jo decided he wanted a superhero party months ago, and I knew I wanted it to be bright and fun, with a pop of comic-inspired details.  So get ready for an insanely long post- but hey- your last born only turns 4 once!

First thing first, I wanted to find a cool fabric that I could use as a backdrop.  I picked up this fun design from Joannes, and with my coupon, only paid $6 for a yard!  Score!  I simply taped it to a poster board and used cups to raise it up behind the buildings. 



The buildings are super simple to make.  Just take some boxes, wrap them in a plastic table cover, or wrapping paper, and use squares for "windows".  I chose yellow, but I have also seen them done in different colors too.  I used Post-its, to make is even easier. 


Y'all know I'm all about using what ya got, and producing less waste.  I have a huge party supply box, so I can grab essentials when I need them.  Instead of throwing away party supplies after each event, I separate mine into bags and boxes for later use.  I've got straws, napkins, jars, fabric, balloons, plastic ware and more!  For this superhero party, I gathered up all the toys I could use, even this lil' Peter Parker Pop Figure!  


How cute is this lil' cake.  I wanted a simple Spiderman cake, and Ciao Bella in Grants Pass, pulled through!  This is basically the size of a smash cake, and for $20 bucks?  Heck yea!  My baby boy loved it!


I have been wanting to make a "prize punch" game for awhile now, and it is really easy to pull off!  I used a poster board, plastic cups, and tissue paper, and just hot-glued them to the board with a little toy inside.  But...after I finished, I thought -this would have been much easier with rubber bands!  Next time!


I also threw together an easy "web shooter" game.   I printed the poster at Staples for $3...thank the lord for engineer prints!  I bought a couple cans of silly string and had the kids shoot from the line.  They loved it- any excuse to get messy!  Grab the FREE Printable at the end of this post- includes the poster and the game signs. 


Last but not least- let's talk about food!  The best part right?  We have been cooking out almost every weekend for the past month, so for this party- I wanted something super simple!  Jo decided he wanted tacos and beans- love this kid!  Check out my post here, for the most delicous salsa you've ever had!


Since we bought a little cake, we made our own cupcakes too.  Truth time- I am not a baker!  I mean I can bake, i'm just not great at it!  So, I opted for this delicious boxed cake mix, and we made our own frosting.  Really- never buy frosting again- it's so easy to make your own!

  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 8 tbsp butter
  • 1 cup organic powdered sugar
  • Cream together til' smooth! (I doubled this recipe for 2 dozen cupcakes)

Hope you liked this retro superhero party!  We sure had fun, and it was so easy to pull together.  Grab the FREE Printable and check out this cute tee in the shop- $18 and it ships free!

xoxo Christina


Superhero Tee