What's In My "Medicine" Cabinet


So let's get real y'all.  Looking back about 8 or 9 years ago, my medicine cabinet was filled with Tylenol, ibuprofen, allergy pills, Pepto, antibiotics and more!  When my kids had a stomach ache, I broke out the 7up and crackers.  When they had a fever, I immediately wanted to bring it down withTylenol and ibuprofen on rotation.  My son and I suffered from allergies, and were both taking an allergy pill, which made us dead tired.  This thinking had been passed down time and time again, and recommended by all of the Dr.'s in our life.  Once I started researching natural living, diet and building immunity, I soon realized that these medications are not only unnecessary, but damaging. 
We are so fortunate to have such healthy kids, and work really hard to protect their immune systems.  My daughter hasn't been sick since 2010, not so much as a sniffle.  My baby boy has had a few tummy aches and runny noses, but nothing serious.  My oldest, though, has the most problems. He was diagnosed with asthma at 3 years old, and we have been fighting to heal him, ever since.  After moving to Oregon, his symptoms have almost completely gone away, but we still have a ways to go.  Asthma freaking sucks!  


So, if and when we do get sick, here is a list of what we keep on hand. 
And some tips on how to use them.

  • Elderberry Syrup- is probably the most effective herbs available for reducing the severity and duration of colds and flu symptoms once they’ve begun. During a recent flu outbreak in Israel, elderberry created dramatic improvements in virtually all symptoms. During the the 1st day 20% experienced relief and by day three 90% of the treated group showed improvements compared with only 16% of the untreated group. Available in capsules, liquids and teas.


  • Colloidal Silver- (silver that's suspended in a small amount of liquid) has long been used as an antimicrobial agent. Researchers from Brigham Young University tested colloidal silver against five pathogens, including streptococci, and found it worked as well as commonly used antibiotics. I use it at the first sign of a sore throat or cough.


  • Probiotics- are friendly bacteria that help your body to thrive on multiple levels. Did you know that 70% of the cells housed in your gut, make up your immune system. The saying is "All disease begins in the gut." We take these everyday, and double up during sickness.


  • Epsom Salts- is magnesium sulfate, and is made up of magnesium, sulfur and oxygen. Epsom baths can help improve sleep, reduce stress, pain and muscle cramping. Sulfur also plays an important role in detoxification, for people who suffer from toxicity. I put my my babes in an epsom bath, at the first sign of a fever.


  • Essential Oils- are pretty much the backbone of my Natural Medicine Cabinet. There are endless uses for this liquid gold, but when it comes to illness, these are my go to oils and blends.

+ Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint- I use this blend for allergies, and tummy aches.

+ Tea Tree-  I use this oil at the first sign of any skin issue, insect bite or cut.   
I have even used it on an ingrown nail. 

+ Oregano Oil- I use this powerful oil to alleviate sinus problems, and cold symptoms. 

+ Bergamot-  I use this oil combined with peppermint, to ease fevers.  I make a blend, rub on    the bottom of feet, and place socks on top.  I don't try to reduce fevers, they are actually      purposeful, but if they do reach 103 or higher, this could be cause for concern, and you should seek treatment.  Fortunately for us, we have never had a temp that high, and I have been able to let them do their thing. 



  • Raw Honey- Everybody should have this on hand. The uses are endless, seriously. Hair, skin and nail benefits. But more importantly, the medical benefits are far and wide. From allergies to burns and of course a cough suppressant. I also use it for psoriasis, and as an immune booster. We use honey everyday in our smoothies, or just by the spoonful. Never give honey to a child under one.


  • Apple Cider Vinegar- This is a staple in any holistic home. So many uses, for anything you can imagine. A cold remedy is so easy to mix up- just 1 Tbsp. lemon, 1 Tbsp. honey and 2 Tbsp. ACV. It can be hard for kids to take, but it can have you feeling better in no time.


  • Neti Pot- We use ours to flush away allergens and mucus. Irrigation can reduce the amounts of histamines and other compounds that cause allergic inflammation. Always use distilled water, and you can even mix in essential oil too. Oregano oil, tea tree and lavender are my recommendation.


  • Bananas - I always have a banana in my house, to eat, or just in case someone gets a tummy ache and diarrhea. Seriously, as simple as a banana, works every time. Instead of reaching for that Pepto, try a few bananas.

These are some of my favorite brands and products.
What are your go-to's for keeping your family well?  I would love to hear from you!

xoxo Chrisitna