Daily Routine For Wellness


I just wanted to drop in and share my daily routine, for strong immunity.  All I know is that I am so proud to say that I have healthy kids!  In fact, my entire family has gone years without getting sick.  At my last job, sickness was on rotation, and I was the only one that never caught a bug.  They were like "what the heck, you never get sick!"  Same story for D, constant sickness all around him, customers and co-workers, hell...he hasn't been sick in 8 years!  I am always seeing posts on Facebook from parents talking about how their kid is sick again, and I am so thankful that sickness is a rare occasion in our casa. 

So let me share what I find has helped us stay well. 


PIN- ROUTINE (1).png

D and I always start our day off with a morning mocktail.  I would love for the kids to take one as well, but they will not keep the ACV down.  Can't blame em' that stuff has me gaggin' some days too! D will also do a baking soda shot, but honestly, I can only do this like twice a week, it is REALLY hard to get down for me!  We also take a daily dose of CBD oil, or a CBD supplement.  I hope to introduce MCT oil in our diets too...still doing research on that -stay tuned!

Everyone in my house takes a spoonful of honey, or I add it to our smoothies.  I can find the most amazing honey here, straight from the farm. If that's not an option, I have seen some nice honey combs at Costco.  Turmeric is also a must for us.  Sometimes it works with the smoothie or juice I'm whipping up, but usually we do a supplement or a quick shot.  Turmeric is full of nutrients and antioxidants, which are ingredients in food that fight excess free radicals in the body that can damage cells and diminish health.  We also take our daily pro-biotic, for gut health.  I use an oil blend in my roller, and roll down the spine as well.  Once in the morning, and again at bedtime.  Lastly, we all do a 5 min plank challenge.  Well Jonah doesn't really partake, he actually prefers a little bit of yoga.  Haha....no seriously, he really likes yoga.  This is one of our favorite You-Tube Yogi's to follow.  The plank challenge is something we just started this year, but it has been going great so far, and everybody is feeling stronger. 

Okay, so you're probably saying, "Girl, I don't need you to tell me to wash my hands!"  It's obviously a no-brainer, but I have tried to make it a habit for my kids.  I'm just crazy when it comes to germs, but it's something so simple that can be an immediate defense.  Soap and water is so much better than chemical-filled hand sanitizer.  My kids pretty much follow this rule all day, when they go to lunch, or come inside from recess, they ask to wash their hands.  As for D, he's probably one of cleanest guys I know, his hands are always clean, he's a little crazy too.  Yea, we were made for each other :)

We also don't allow shoes in our house, carpet is gross enough, without all that extra mess coming in.  Allergens and pollen can remain on our shoes and clothing, so we change when we get home.  I find that this helps with A's asthma.  Plus, who wants to hang out at home in their jeans?  Not me...bra off, leggings on! 

Before dinner, we do a daily elderberry dose, and at bedtime we do one more spine rub, and diffuse a nighttime blend. 

What do you do to keep your family healthy?  I would love to hear your thoughts. 

xoxo Christina 

  • Morning Mocktail +
    1tbs. apple cider vinegar
    4 oz. of filtered water
    1/2 lemon
    Pinch of cayenne pepper.


  • Turmeric Shot +
    1.5 cups coconut water
    2 inch knob fresh turmeric (or a few tablespoon scoops of the dried spice)
    1-2 inch fresh ginger root
    1/2 lemon
    1-2 tablespoons honey
    Pinch of sea salt


  • Spine Rub Oil Blend +

I also use this awesome Organic Defense oil and hand spray from NYR.  Check it out here

Grab a copy of the 5 minute plank challenge that we follow!