Top Picks + Essential Oil Diffusers


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Hey guys!  Today's post is all about finding the best diffuser, and they aren't all made the same.  If you are going to be spending your money on high quality essential oils, you definitely want the diffuser to do it's job.  

Aromatherapy works 2 ways.  First is the effect on the brain (transferred by the sense of smell) to affect the nervous system.  The second is through the direct physical effects of the essential oils.  Ditch the synthetic room freshener and scented candles, and start diffusing your favorite blends.  I gotta say...I have a few go-to blends that my tribe loves- but, my absolute favorite is PLL + Peppermint, Lemon and Lavender!  It smells like heaven!  Fresh, and relaxing at the same time.  

Check out my top picks for diffusers.  Of course my faves are from Neal's Yard Remedies, but Amazon also carries some quality diffusers, for a great price. 


These top picks are my fave, thanks to all the options!  

  • Auto shut-off

  • Easy to use and maintain

  • Low energy consumption

  • Rich LED color lights

Create a peaceful and calming haven anywhere. Elegant and aesthetically pleasing, these diffusers will delight your senses and adds luxury to everyday living.  All of these create a cool, scented and relaxing mist which will spread fragrances quickly and effectively.


Grab this amazing offer from Neal's Yard Remedies!  Even if you aren't interested in selling products, this kit could save you major dolla dolla bills!

Do you have a diffuser yet?  Which Design do you like most?  I would love to hear from you!

xoxo Christina