Why I Take CBD + Why You Should Too


**Please note.  I am not a doctor, and don't claim to be one.  Always consult with your physician about your health routine. 

Unless you're completely out of the loop, (which I know you're not, because us crunchy moms are totally woke!) you have probably heard about CBD in one way or another.  But do you have the facts?  Let's talk about CBD, why I love it, and why you should try it too!

There are a lot of opinions around this incredible oil- but the versatility of this supplement as a natural remedy, cannot be ignored.  Anytime you see a product that is a "cure all"  you should really look closer, and that is just what CBD is- so let's dig in!

CBD Hemp Oil: What Does It Do?

Research shows that CBD oil is helpful at reducing many ailments.  These ailments seem to be all across the board, and unrelated, but actually- they are not.  Each of these ailments may be related to dysregulation of the endocannabinoid system or ECS. 

+ Endocannabinoid System
The endocannabinoid system communicates complex actions in our immune system, nervous system, and all of the body's organs.  It is literally a bridge between body and mind.  States of consciousness can promote health, and understanding this system will show us how. 

This amazing system was discovered through research of effects of cannabis on the body.  It is even named after the cannabis plant that made the discovery possible.

The endocannabinoid system works differently in different parts of the body but the end goal is homeostasis -the maintenance of a stable internal environment despite fluctuations in the external environment.

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Does CBD Oil Get You High?

No.  If you are looking for a high- you would need oil with THC.

There are two different type of CBD oil- and I think this is where a lot of people get confused.  There is hemp-based CBD (what I take) and cannabis-based CBD oil  Both of these oils contain CBD and are derived from the cannabis plant.  However, hemp and cannabis are different varieties of the plant.  Cannabis-based CBD oil will contain THC and other cannabinoids.


Why I Love CBD

+ Calms Childhood Epilepsy
CBD contains anti-seizure properties that have been successful in treating children with epilepsy.  Among the children in a study, published by the New England Journal of Medicine, the decrease in frequency was 23 percentage points greater than the decrease in seizures among children taking a placebo.  This oil has been a godsend to many parents out there, who have children suffering daily.  Have you heard of Charlotte Figi?  She is featured in one of the first mainstream documentaries, regarding CBD oil and seizures.

+ Relieves Chronic Pain
Many people suffering from fibromyalgia, and other diseases that cause chronic pain- are finding relief with CBD. Taking CBD can reduce chronic pain and can even prevent nervous system degeneration. It has even been approved in Canada for multiple sclerosis and cancer pain.  I simply love it for the relief of the terrible cramps I used to get- after having a surgery in 2014.

+ Reduces Anxiety and Depression
According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, depression affects 6% and anxiety affects 18% of the U.S. population each year. Research shows that CBD oil can help with both.  It has been shown to reduce levels of stress and anxiety in those suffering from OCD, social anxiety disorder from PTSD.  
*Speaking of anxiety and depression- have you read Lost Connections?  I'm in the middle of it now, and I highly recommend it.

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+ Fights Bacteria
Crunchy moms have been using garlic, honey and oregano oil to fight bacterial infections for a while now.  But CBD actually has the ability to destroy bacteria (especially drug-resistant strains).  A 2011 study found that CBD slowed the progression of tuberculosis in rats. Researchers concluded that CBD likely does this by inhibiting T-cell proliferation, rather than possessing antibacterial properties.

+ Fights Cancer
CBD oil's role in cancer treatment is still being researched.  The research that has come to light, is promising.  CBD oil can slow the growth and spread of various cancer in animals because it fights oxidative stress and inflammation (both linked to cancer.)
Know someone suffering from cancer- check out this informative post from one my favorite health bloggers. 

+ Improves Skin Conditions
If you follow this blog you may already know that I suffer from psoriasis.  I was diagnosed back in 2013, and it freakin' sucks Y'all! I am one of the lucky ones though, as it only affects my hands and feet. I used a steroid cream years ago, and although it worked to heal my skin, it didn't take care of the problem.  Today, I refuse to use a steroid medication, and have instead tried to change my diet and have also added CBD to my daily routine  I still suffer from flare-ups occasionally, but since adding CBD to my regimen, they are becoming less frequent.  CBD oil can be used topically as well.  Studies show it can help treat conditions like eczema by encouraging abnormal cell death. It also helps limit skin’s oil production, reducing acne. CBD also contains many nutrients like vitamin E that help improve and protect the skin.  You can also find CBD salve, which is easy to apply and may offer immediate relief. 


CBD vs. Hemp Oil

As mentioned above, while they come from the same plant, they are different strains and CBD is harvested from the plants that contain no THC (or negligible levels). CBD is completely legal and is not considered a drug.  Some manufacturers use the term "hemp oil" in their marketing- due to the confused history of these plants. 

Hemp still gets negative press because it comes from a similar strain of plant (and because people are lazy, don't do research, and continue to keep a stigma alive.) Aside from the CBD benefits, hemp is one of the most durable natural fibers and can be grown without pesticides or herbicides.  Check out these fun facts!

  • makes up to four times as much fiber per acre as pine trees

  • can be recycled many more times than pine-based pulp products

  • is easy to grow without chemicals and is actually good for the soil

  • produces a seed and seed oil rich in protein, essential fatty acids, and amino acids

How To Use CBD Oil

CBD oil is most often used internally, through ingestion. At this time there is no established CBD “overdose” and there are very few if any side effects at any dosage.  I recently started using pure CBD vape oil, and love how accessible and convenient it is. 

When considering a dosage- keep this in mind. 

  • Start by purchasing quality oil. A higher quality oil will be more bioavailable (absorb better), so a lower dose will be enough.

  • Begin with the recommended dosage on the bottle (especially if using preventatively).

  • Some notice a change immediately, while others don’t notice any improvement for several weeks. If after several weeks there is still no change, increase the dosage.

  • As with most herbal supplements, a small dosage 3-4 times a day can be more therapeutic than one large dose

* Speak with your doctor if you’re concerned about interactions with other medications, including opiates, or are unsure about using hemp oil for your conditions.

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What CBD Oil I Use 

There are a ton of benefits to using CBD oil as a supplement.  Of course, with most issues- health begins in our gut, and a healthy diet and lifestyle should always be the first step towards improved health.  CBD oil is just another component that can help build that foundation.   

My family just started using Hempworx, and I have become an affiliate for this awesome company! At MyDailyChoice, we believe that quality comes first. All of our products are manufactured in state of the art manufacturing facilities that are all climate controlled, monitored, cGMP and FDA Registered. Additionally, we source the highest quality clinically proven ingredients from the most reputable suppliers on the planet. Our unique combination of chemists, formulators, product experts, and raw material sourcing have allowed us to bring to market some of the most life-changing products the industry has ever seen.

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Looking for more info on CBD?  Check out this podcast with Lane Kennedy, a truly inspiring mom, female entrepreneur, and health coach with an awesome story.  

What are your thoughts on CBD?  Do you use it, if not, what's holding you back?  I would love to hear from you!

xoxo Christina

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